The Heirloom Companies Restores Iconic Brown Street Sign

The Heirloom Companies installed the newly rebuilt Brown Street sign in Downtown Greenville late yesterday afternoon after a semi-truck demolished the original public art piece on Brown Street just over a year ago. The same three brothers, owners of The Heirloom Companies, who installed the original Brown Street sign 9 years ago were hard at work welding and completing the new one, restoring the iconic public art to the downtown area.

In 2011, The Heirloom Companies submitted a bid and hand-drawn design of the sign to the city of Greenville, hoping to win the project. The design created by James Moseley Design quickly caught the eye of the city’s committee and The Heirloom Companies won the project.

After adorning the street for 8 years, the Brown Street sign was demolished by a delivery semi-truck, taking a piece of history with it.

In January of last year, a delivery semi-truck completely hit and took out the piece of public art. “We were certainly disappointed when we saw that our piece of hand-crafted artwork had been destroyed,” remarked Ben Moseley, COO.

“However, we were grateful the city asked us to restore the sign, because we knew how much it meant to the Greenville community. We worked hard on each symbolic piece of the sign, from the ivy trailing across it, to making the columns look like smokestacks, paying tribute to Greenville’s industrial history.”

“It is now standing tall back where it belongs, and we’re just honored and proud to be a part of such a small part of all the things that Greenville such a special place,” said Moseley.

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