The Heirloom Companies Awarded National Recognition for Tenth Consecutive Year

The Heirloom Companies, the premier wood and metal works manufacturer in the eastern United States, was congratulated with five prestigious awards by the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) in every category for which they submitted work at the METALfab 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Heirloom Companies was awarded with three gold awards in the categories: Exterior Railings & Fences– Nonferrous and Ferrous (Forged), Furniture & Accessories– Nonforged, and Stairs Complete–Residential category, one silver award for the Structures & Miscellaneous category, and one bronze award for the Stairs Complete– Commercial category.

“This year was special for us, as it was our tenth consecutive year of being recognized,” said Ben Moseley, COO of The Heirloom Companies. “We are just so humbled and grateful to be recognized, as our team has put in countless hours of creative thinking, building, and polishing into these projects for our clients. We’re honored to receive these awards and to bring them back to our team to hang proudly in our shop.”

Gold | Furniture & Accessories– Nonforged

The Heirloom Companies was proud to take home the gold award in the Furniture & Accessories– Nonforged for this custom lighting fixture, continuing their streak of awards for lighting. The past four years since 2017, they have won awards for custom lighting fixtures and the past two years have secured gold for their designs. After completing several other elements in this client’s residence including stairs, rails and entry gates, The Heirloom Companies was granted free reign in design of this kitchen island light. The four individual lights are all copper and held together by a steel frame, and the corners of each light are achieved by attaching a large copper wire where the corners meet, and a smaller copper wire on each side and then melting a bronze rod to infill between. It turned out to be a high-end looking, textured surface in contrast to the smooth copper. The same process was used on the bottom of the lights, except instead of using a copper wire, copper pipe was used. A five-step process was used to create the final finish on the fixture, and the client was over the moon with the results.

Gold | Exterior Railings & Fences– Nonferrous and Ferrous (Forged)

For this custom railing, our client wanted a front railing with a very natural and organic look to complement other aspects of the house and surroundings. They also requested it to be of the highest quality material and maintenance-free. All the materials were solid bronze and every element was forged and fabricated in our shop including the animals. The “tree trunk” looking bases were achieved by layering sheet bronze onto the solid round bar. The individual acorns were made by creating a clapper dye in the shape of the acorn and then power hammering while still hot. We were proud of how all of the details in this railing came together in this piece to complement the home entrance, and we exceeded the homeowner’s expectations.

Gold | Stairs Complete– Residential

An unfortunate beginning to this job …. The contractor hired a company to build this set of stacked circular stairs and about half way through it he began to see they were destined for failure. We were called in when the house was almost complete and asked what we could do to salvage it. Our comment to him was, “There are some mistakes that are more expensive to fix than to just start over,” and so we took out what was done and started from scratch. The stringers are made from steel plate and the treads are held in place by a plate that protrudes into the white oak treads on each side. This gives the treads the illusion of floating between the stringers. The railings were made from solid stock and then tapered on each end to give it a bulged look in the center. Because the house was basically complete on the inside, we had to assemble the stairs in our shop and then dismantle them in order to get them installed in the house.

Silver | Structure & Miscellaneous

This archway was the entrance to a company who were building their North American headquarters about 4 hours away from our location in Campobello, SC. We were asked to follow some very specific guidelines they believed ensured good fortune for the company. The arch had to be approached from the east and be in specific proportions– 85’ long and 21’ tall. The spine of the frame was three 8” schedule 40 steel round tubes bent to a specific radius and connected with bracing. All of this was concealed by aluminum plates, each cut slightly different in order to achieve the flowing look. We completed the structure with the finishing touches of prime and paint.

Bronze | Stairs Complete– Commercial

This staircase and railing was built for a company that manufactures refrigerated containers and ships biomedical products as well as human organs to be used for transplants. A mono stringer curved stair, we used a 4’ by 14’ box beam bent to a total of 90 degrees to support this stair. The beams at the base of the balcony railings were constructed in our shop by plasma-cutting the tops and bottoms to match the curve of the balcony, bending the face to match and then welding all of the edges. The treads were made from 3” thick red oak, coped on the right side to match the curve of the wall, and supported by stanchions welded to the beam with a metal plate routed flush into the bottom of the tread. It was a flat handrail, round grab rail, and cable for the railings. The finish was gun blue with a poly overspray. The company was extremely pleased with the results for their lobby.

About the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA)
NOMMA is the trade association of the ornamental and miscellaneous metalworking industry. Founded in 1958, its members fabricate everything from beautiful railings and driveway gates to structural and industrial products. Whether it’s a backyard garden gate or large commercial railing, its members are ready to turn clients’ concept into a reality. To learn more about NOMMA and the Top Job Competition, visit

About The Heirloom Companies
Founded in 1994, The Heirloom Companies is the premier wood and metal works manufacturer in the eastern United States, producing award-winning custom stairways, railings, balconies, furniture, light fixtures and decorative pieces through a process blending old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. Learn more at and by following The Heirloom Companies on Houzz, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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