This is what I saw when I came to the house today: absolute perfection.  You made me cry!  Thank you so much for such a beautiful entry into our home!
Lisa Gassmann




We have finally moved into our new house... it's been about two weeks.  I just wanted to let you know every time I go up and down the stairs I love, love, LOVE looking at our cable railings.  It really looks great and gives the house an edgy feel.  I've had several compliments on it.  Thanks again for doing such a great job with the design and install!
Stephanie Russell


We were indeed fortunate to discover Heirloom when conceptualizing our "Rosarium", a rather unique work.  Heirloom was the key to unlocking our dream.  From the planning through completion we were enthusiastic partners with them.  The work was completed on time, within budget and exceeded our expectations in artistry.  We highly recommend Heirloom without reservation!  Wonderful experience.
Mark Shevory



As Dean of the Johnson College of Business at USC Upstate I am very pleased to be able to recommend the work of Heirloom.  We had very high standards set by the architect for the detail and finish we needed for the building.  The initial bids we received were lacking in the quality of detail and significantly over budget.  Fortunately Heirloom demonstrated that they could provide the quality iron work needed and at a very competitive price.  If there are award competitions for this type of work I hope they submit.  Their quality deserves to be recognized.
Darrell Parker, Dean
George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics, USC Upstate


Wow!  I just saw the photos!  I knew this would look spectacular - but it is better than I had ever imagined!  The scroll work just sets it off.  They did a magnificent job on the engraving of our name on the post top.  Now we are the only ones that can move into that house!  Please tell everyone at Heirloom that they did a magnificent job on the staircase and railing.  If they could see how excited and overjoyed I am on how this looks they would know the wonderful job they did!  We are planning a trip out there today - so you just might hear me screaming and laughing when I see this in person even from your house
Lynn Hofelich



I want you to know that our gate and bridge are two of our favorite things about our house.  Thank you again for a beautiful job!
Clara Rogers



Your guys did a great job!  It shows, and is nice to have people that care about their work.
Chris & Lisa Edlund

When the final product was installed, we were thrilled.  This is a showcase staircase that truly complements our home.  The staircase is high in quality, beautiful, and functional.  Heirloom did a superb job and was great to work with.  They were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.  We had every confidence they would deliver a quality product and they did.  We will definitely consider another staircase solution from Heirloom.
Robert Charest

I enjoy working with Allyn, Ben and James and see my designs come to life in such an artistic way.  Heirloom is a talented place (including the making of your wonderful cookies).  Thank you so much again.
Glen Boggs

I went by the house this afternoon and I wanted to thank you for the excellent job your company did with my staircase.  It turned out beautiful and I appreciate your professional guidance provided by Heirloom.  Many thanks.
Kim Whelehan

I want you to know that the stairs are BEAUTIFUL!  We are so excited about the way they turned out.  Chase was so excited to be able to see "his" stair that he helped engrave.  He has shown it to everyone who has come in.  Thank you for all of your help during this process.  You have made this so easy and such a good experience.  We will keep in touch with you so that we can begin planning the railing.