James Moseley Design

The Vision

James understands that every customer is different, and has unique expectations and individual styles.  At the beginning of any project, large or small, James' primary focus is listening to your vision or idea.  Once he understands your desire, he will begin the creative process.

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The Process

Like any true craftsman, James takes great pride in his art.  What separates him from most - aside from his passion and natural talents - is his desire to create pieces according to your vision, not his own.  As a result, he walks you through every stage of the process - from the initial input meeting, to rough sketches, to final concept approval, to the actual finished product.

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Custom Projects

If you have a concept, James can bring it to life.  Even if you don't have a concrete idea of what you want, James has the unique ability to ask the right questions and uncover the essence of what you want created.  Over the years James has dazzled individual and corporations with masterful, award-winning creations.

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