The Heirloom Companies

Our Artisans

We have the most talented, dedicated team in the industry.  James Moseley, who leads our group of artisans and craftsmen, is regarded as a talented visionary and leader within the industry.

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Our Shop

One shop, under one roof.  This is where it all happens.  Our integration of artisans and technological sophistication allows us to be a one-stop solution for anyone seeking quality wood and ironworks.

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Our main goal is customer satisfaction.  Over the years we've also garnered our share of awards for quality, artistry, and craftsmanship.  Though awards aren't our focus, we appreciate the recognition.

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The best way to judge someone's work is to talk to their customers.  Rather than tell you what we can do, we would prefer to let our work do the talking, as well as the homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors we work with.

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We have worked with enough architects to know what they're looking for, and what they expect.  Detail, precision, and consistent quality across the board.  No exceptions.

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General Contractors

We understand the pressure and stress that come with being a general contractor.  Having to manage deadlines and expectations is a tremendous responsibility.  Our goal is to give you exactly what you need, when you need it, every time.

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Interior Designers

Interior designers are chosen by homeowners and architects to achieve a particular sense of style.  We have a long history of working with designers to bring their visions to life.

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We often get calls or referrals from individuals who are looking for a design or specific piece that is unique, inspired, and original.  They are seeking a craftsman, an artist, who can visually express their ideas.

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