Allyn Moseley honored as next NOMMA President

Allyn Moseley honored as next NOMMA President: Points to future to extend past traditions

At METALfab 2015, held in King of Prussia, PA (near Philadelphia), Allyn Moseley was named the 2015 President for the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA). “This is a tremendous honor,” says Allyn. “I am thankful for the encouragement and assistance I have received over the years from NOMMA members, and I take this role very seriously.” He quipped at one point that he first joined NOMMA many years ago following a bit of wisdom imparted to him by his dad: “If you want to get better at something, hang around people who are better at it than you.”

Over the years, Allyn pointed out that the metal fabrication industry has witnessed both good and bad times. He points, in particular, to the economic collapse of 2007-08 as a turning point that still resonates today. “Things fundamentally changed following the 2007 financial crisis,” he says. “It’s a different world now. Our customers have changed, and how we do business has to change as well if we want to enjoy success moving forward.”

Allyn explained the challenges and hurdles that face the industry today, and said that these very obstacles, if embraced and not ignored, can become the road to opportunity and success. “We have been blessed with a great heritage in the metal works industry,” Allyn says. “So many talented, highly skilled artisans have led the way for years now. However, our industry has changed. The world today is vastly different than it was even 10 years ago. In order to have continued success in the future, some of the old guard, like me, must let go of the reins and pass this tradition along to the younger generation. We must encourage them and entrust them with our legacy moving forward.”

In fact, for the coming year, Allyn announced that the new theme for NOMMA will be Success, Paying It Forward. The goal, he says, is to teach the younger generation and instill in them the same sense of responsibility and passion that has inspired their predecessors. “The fact is,” Allyn says, “we need them and they need us. They need our accrued knowledge and experience from years of craftsmanship, and we need them to be the new flag bearers that will carry this tradition forward.”

For his part, Allyn is already looking ahead to next year’s NOMMA Convention. “For 2015, we will host the show in Greenville, South Carolina, home to The Heirloom Companies. I’m really looking forward to having everyone come see this dynamic southern city, and I am excited about some of the changes we will be incorporating for the show that will hopefully point the way for a new generation of young artisans and craftsmen.”

To learn more about Allyn and the custom wood and metal works his team creates at The Heirloom Companies, contact Ben Moseley at

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