The Inside Scoop on Our QC Exclusive Spread

If you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina, or Upstate area you may have seen our spread in QC Exclusive. We would like to take this opportunity to thank QC Exclusive for featuring us and the work we do as well as a fun tour of our workshop. You can take a look at our feature here, starting on page 142.

Our group chatted about our passions for design and creation over lunch up in Campobello near the shop—which quickly felt like a conversation with old friends. While touring the workshop, the QC Exclusive team tried their hands at welding…what can we say, everyone loves playing with fire!

We also had the opportunity to show the QC Exclusive team the process we use for cutting their new store sign. We used a laser for its precision to help get around the nook and crannies of the lettering. We thoroughly enjoyed giving them a bit of insight into how we work on different projects.

It was great getting the chance to dive into some family history with The Heirloom Companies and show the QC team around the shop. Their visit brought up some great family memories getting this place off the ground and served as a reminder for why we do, what we do. We loved sharing our story and explaining how The Heirloom Companies is a family affair that has branched out to include several new members.

Come back soon, QC Exclusive!

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