The Heirloom Companies to Build Celebration Pavilion

The Heirloom Companies is honored to be crafting the Celebration Pavilion for downtown Greenville’s Cancer Survivors’ Park. The Heirloom Companies was awarded the project by Cancer Survivors’ Park and a local firm designed the monument. The structure will be a unique addition to the downtown Greenville skyline.

“Cancer Survivors Park Alliance is thrilled to partner with The Heirloom Companies in creating a very special structure that will serve as a beacon of hope atop the Celebration Pavilion in the heart of the Cancer Survivors Park (CSP),” Kay Roper, Executive Director, Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA), said. “The talents of Heirloom will be instrumental in bringing a unique 50-foot steel sculpture to the park that will serve as an Upstate destination and source of inspiration for all those touched by cancer.”

The unique building materials had to be special ordered from our neighbors in Canada. The materials then arrived in Chicago, Illinois, where The Heirloom Companies’ team flew up to prepare and bend the materials. Heirloom rolled the individual ribs of the canopy structure using the only machine fit for the project available in the country.

“We are thrilled that the creation of the basic infrastructure for the Cancer Survivors Park is nearing completion and that we will now be able to install some of the special elements that will make CSP a unique gathering space for the entire community,” Diane Gluck, Cancer Survivor Park’s Co-Founder, said. “When Ben Rook initially created the concept for the pavilion canopy structure, we knew it would be a challenge to build.”

“After having looked for expertise around the world, we are thrilled to be able to find a local company with the skills and capacity to implement the project,” Gluck said. “The Heirloom team has provided the creativity, technical know-how and attention to detail necessary to not only create an inspiring piece of sculpture but to make sure it has the presence and stability to serve as the key focal point of the park for generations to come.”

The installation process commenced in mid-March of 2017 and the entirety of the project stretched across six months. In order to truly gauge the Celebration Pavilion’s detail, The Heirloom Companies built a larger model to the 1:4 scale rather than the typical 1:16 scale. The Celebration Pavilion’s construction is chronicled here. The structure is crafted from mild steel and measures 55ft x 40ft x 50ft.

“We are honored to leave a touch of Heirloom on the Greenville skyline,” Ben Moseley, The Heirloom Companies Chief Operations Officer, said. “Everyone has been impacted by cancer in some way, and The Heirloom Companies is no exception. To give our services toward a project that represents cancer survivors in the Upstate is just a small way we recognize their perseverance and tenacity. It is a representation of the celebration of life.”

Other Heirloom signature projects include: AC Hotel signature stairs, Brown Street arches, Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas stairs, St. Anthony’s Catholic School in downtown Greenville signature stairs, Drayton Mills stairs for Greenville Hospital System, St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Spartanburg Memorial Gardens, Lake Conestee Nature Park, Greenville Recreation Department signage and three Westminster Presbyterian Crosses.

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