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Whether it be volunteering or donating funds, there are so many ways to give back to your community. We have decided to give back in our own special way. James Moseley of James Moseley Designs, a part of The Heirloom Companies, was selected in 2018 to sit on the board for the American College of the Building Arts.

Located in the culture-rich and historical city of Charleston, South Carolina, the American College of the Building Arts is a liberal arts and sciences, four-year institution that is unique to the United States. Students at the college choose from six specializations: architectural carpentry, stone carving, blacksmithing, masonry, plaster, and timber framing. Once the students choose their specialization, they are completely immersed in their sector.

Part of the school’s mission is to “foster exceptional craftsmanship and encourage the preservation, enrichment, and understanding of the world’s architectural heritage.” Heirloom’s James Moseley helps grow this vision with his work on the college’s board. As a board member, one of his duties is to ensure the curriculum and course layout are set up to best prepare the graduate for the job field.

It was an honor for Moseley to be selected for this position, and he hopes that Heirloom’s involvement with the board will inspire and teach the students about work ethic and dedication. “This school exemplifies what Heirloom is about and what we do every day,” says Moseley. “We can have a direct impact on the artisans of this generation.” The goal is to show students that while the trade skills are no doubt essential, there also needs to be an emphasis on perseverance and dedication. As a family-run business that has been operating for almost 25 years, The Heirloom Companies is living proof that these traits are essential to being successful in the field.

Besides serving on the board, Heirloom wants to give students the opportunity to learn more about what they do in a hands-on way. While they don’t currently have any interns from the American College of the Building Arts, the company does plan to hire some from the college in the future. Every junior and senior at the college must complete a summer internship, so what better way for students to hone their craft and work ethics than at Heirloom!

James Moseley is excited to give back to a craft that has been such an integral part of his life. His involvement with the board is just one way The Heirloom Companies will continue to give back to the community.


About The Heirloom Companies

Founded in 1994, The Heirloom Companies is the premier wood and metal works manufacturer in the eastern United States, producing award-winning custom stairways, railings, balconies, furniture, light fixtures and decorative pieces through a process blending old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. Learn more at and or by following The Heirloom Companies on HouzzInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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