The Heirloom Companies Constructs Megasculpture for ACL Airshop

The Heirloom Companies is honored to have constructed its latest megasculpture, in partnership with Chicago Metal Rolled Products, for ACL Airshop’s new Air Cargo products factory in Greenville, South Carolina. The project was led by Harper General Contractors and was designed by MCA Architecture in partnership with The Furman Co.

“ACL Airshop is one of the biggest projects we have done yet, and it helped us learn valuable lessons on how to do these megasculptures and how to efficiently partner with the designers and builders when producing these magnitudes of a structure,” Zach Clardy, Head of Operations at The Heirloom Companies, said. “These megasculptures are helping us merge into a realm in our industry that few people around this region have the capability to do, in return, making us a leader in our industry.”

The ACL Airshop megasculpture is approximately 40 feet tall and 65 feel long and made out of all-tube steel with aluminum perforated panels. This project was a real testament to the Heirloom team and how they work together on large-scope projects as well as the builders and architects that worked to help produce a state-of-the-art structure.

Other Heirloom megasculpture projects include: Cancer Survivors Park Celebration Pavilion and Brown Street arches in Greenville, S.C., an entrance arch for Absolute Haitian in North Charleston, S.C., and several rosariums for private residences in North and South Carolina.

Pictures of the ACL Airshop megasculpture can be seen here.

About The Heirloom Companies

Founded in 1994, The Heirloom Companies is the premier wood and metal works manufacturer in the eastern United States, producing award-winning custom stairways, railings, balconies, furniture, light fixtures and decorative pieces through a process blending old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. Learn more at www.theheirloomcompanies.comand or by following The Heirloom Companies on HouzzInstagramFacebookand Pinterest.

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