Setting the standard with our custom lighting offerings

Setting the standard with our custom lighting offerings

At The Heirloom Companies, we are always striving to add premium, custom wood and ironworks to our portfolio. Sometimes we get special requests from customers who are looking for a design or feature that is unique. Other times we come up with artistic ideas ourselves and then bring them from conception to produced work. The latter is the case with our premium textured bronze lighting process.

These distinctive, highly decorative lighting fixtures were invented and perfected by our very own Joe Cooper. “Textured bronze” refers to the creative process of welding copper and bronze together into stunningly beautiful and functional new creations. It’s a passion that has ignited a recent surge in requests by customers, looking to upgrade their interior and exterior lighting.

A Bright Team
In the past year, J.T. Cooper Studio joined forces with The Heirloom Companies. Both groups represent craftsmanship of the highest order. It just made sense for the two award-winning companies to blend their collective strengths, much like they masterfully blend bronze, copper, iron, and wood into magnificent pieces of art and furniture. “This has already proven to be a successful partnership,” Ben Moseley says. “We not only inspire each other as craftsmen, but our customers have benefited from our expanded line of premium lighting fixtures created by the best in the business.”

Old World Meets New
What sets The Heirloom Companies apart from many others in the industry is their unique ability to combine old world craftsmanship with New World technology. Because of their investment in the latest technology – CAD machines and more – they have the capabilities to meet the needs of a variety of customers: residential, commercial, and individual. In addition, their experience, design skills, and technological sophistication enable Heirloom to handle any job, large or small, working with wood, iron, or both. In fact, their ability to combine wood and ironworks under one roof, is unique. “There are companies that work with wood,” Allyn Moseley says, “and companies that work with iron and metal, but very few do both.” And certainly not up to the level of The Heirloom Companies.

We’d like to hear from you
To learn more about our textured bronze process and the custom wood and metal works the Heirloom team creates, contact Ben Moseley at

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