Robin & Morton Shop Visit

We have been working on a very exciting project recently, and not too far from home! Spartanburg, South Carolina, is in the middle of incredible economic growth. The more business means more visitors—however, locals have, up until now, been scratching their heads as to where all these traveling businessmen and women, tourists and the like are supposed to stay while enjoying their time in Sparkle City.

Cue Robins & Morton. This innovative construction company is answering the Upstate’s prayers by building the much needed and luxurious AC Hotel. Owned by OTO Development and working in conjunction with renowned architect firm McMillian Pazdan Smith, this hotel will tower over Spartanburg’s flourishing Main Street and overlook its bustling downtown while seamlessly exuding the area’s unique southern charm. So imagine our excitement when we were approached by Robins & Morton to work with them on a few hotel features.

The Heirloom Companies is building the AC Hotel’s monumental staircase, penthouse glass handrails, exterior lighted railing in the property’s entrance and pool fencing. Naturally, with the influx of activity and excitement this project brought to the shop, we had to invite our friends from Robins & Morton out to Campobello to show them how we do what we do.

We had a wonderful time during our shop tour with the Robins & Morton management team, getting familiar with their crew and connecting over our mutual appreciation for creation and design. Joe had the opportunity to perform a forging demonstration for the team and we also were able to create and gift our friends at Robins & Morton a company logo crafted on our CNC machine.

You can check more on Spartanburg’s AC Hotel here. We so enjoyed hosting the Robins & Morton team and hope to have them out for another visit soon. Enjoy the sign, y’all!

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