Product Spotlight: Range Hoods

Rooms used to be divided distinctively–living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms–all closed off from each other in their own dedicated spaces. As our lives and priorities have shifted over the years, these lifestyle changes are reflected in our homes. Our houses are now being built with a more seamless flow as kitchens are morphing with dining rooms and family rooms into what are commonly called great rooms. With all the action taking place in the kitchen, it has become the home’s main hub and range hoods are rising in popularity as the central focal point. Humans are naturally social creatures and we want to continue interacting and connecting with each other while we cook, clean and eat. Although generations before us may have congregated around their living room fireplaces, more and more families are connecting in their kitchens. While most meals begin at the oven or stove, many homeowners are finding themselves gathering around the heart of the home, their range hoods, that are tying the space and each other together.

At The Heirloom Companies, we are privy to interior design trends and custom range hoods are currently increasing in popularity. Kitchens are morphing into much more than a place where food is prepped. With so much time being spent in the space, we are seeing families invest in beautiful kitchen pieces, including large double islands, deeper sinks and, of course, statement range hoods. We believe that while range hoods are intended to be utilitarian appliances, they can also be beautifully crafted. Mass-produced range hoods will usually get the job done, but if you have high ceilings or vaulted ceilings, you will have to purchase and put together extension kits. When it is all said and done, these kits can rack up a bill that is often times higher than what a custom range hood would have cost and not nearly as attractive. Additionally, these kits are not typically designed for angled ceilings. With these factors in play, a custom range hood may end up being your best option. The Heirloom Companies will custom-build your range hood to your kitchen’s specific shape and style. We have crafted range hoods in a variety of finishes including copper, wood, stainless steel, zinc and gunmetal.

We at The Heirloom Companies are predicting that ranges will be coming off the walls and onto kitchen islands, and with them, range hoods, so that conversations can continue to grow and families and friends can more easily share stories, laughs and some good food.

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