Megasculptures Are the New Sculptures

The phrase “bigger is always better,” usually carries a negative connotation, but in this case, bigger is better. Megasculptures are highly engineered products that consist of thousands of pounds of steel. They take time and an invaluable amount of hard-work for them to come together, but when they do, the results are breath-taking. Some of our megasculpture work can be seen at ACL Airshop’s new air cargo products factory and at the Cancer Survivors Park in downtown Greenville.

Our team here at Heirloom is known for their outside-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. Because of this, they work together to overcome the unique challenges that each megasculpture encounters. This has allowed us to become a “go-to” for clients looking to break out of the standard design mold. The growth of Greenville’s artistic community has brought in a lot of opportunities that we naturally fit the need for. More and more people are seeking designers who can deliver innovative ideas, which is where we come in.

“After having looked for expertise around the world, we were thrilled to be able to find a local company with the skills and capacity to implement the Cancer Survivors Park project,” Diane Gluck, Co-Founder of Cancer Survivors Park, said. “The Heirloom team provided the creativity, technical know-how, and attention to detail necessary to not only create an inspiring piece of sculpture but to make sure it has the presence and stability to serve as the key focal point of the park for generations to come.”

Coming up with these ideas is a collaborative effort. Everyone on our team comes from different backgrounds, meaning all of their individual talents help us succeed in a multitude of areas. “We’ve used talents from all of our guys,” said James Moseley, Designer at The Heirloom Companies. “We are able to pull all of that together and utilize their artistic, structural, and engineering backgrounds. What they all have in common is their drive, which helps us excel.”

In addition to the aforementioned projects, we have done other designs, such as the Brown Street Arches in downtown Greenville as well as an entrance arch for Absolute Haitian in North Charleston, S.C. No two megasculptures are alike, making each of them memorable in their own way. These megasculptures can be dozens of feet high and wide; for example, the ACL Airshop megasculpture is approximately 40 feet tall and 65 feet long.

Steve Townes, ACL Airshop’s CEO, said, “The megasculpture on our new high-visibility factory alongside Interstate 85 has added significantly to the ‘landmark factor’ we were seeking. It’s an amazing piece of work—truly unique. It has added fresh addition to our brand image, thanks to the artful craftsmen at Heirloom!”

These giant sculptures have tested the abilities of our team and honed their skills in the process. “These megasculptures are helping us merge into a realm in our industry that few people around this region have the capability, or drive, to build,” Zack Clardy, Heirloom’s Operations Specialist, said. “In return, this makes us a leader in our industry.”

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