Keeping it in the family

The proverbial passing of the torch (or in this case, a welders torch) is happening at the Heirloom Companies in Campobello, SC. Originally from California, Allyn & Sheree Moseley moved to Upstate South Carolina and started the Heirloom Companies in 1994. Allyn started out building staircases and trim work in his barn, but demand for his products kept rising.

“It rapidly got to the point where I had to make a choice on which direction I wanted my little company to go. It was me and one other guy, and it slowly morphed into what it is today,” Allyn said.

Now, after many years spent successfully building the business and raising a family, the couple is retiring and handing the reins to their sons, James,Travis and Ben. In addition, Ben’s wife, Erica, has joined the company as CFO, James’ wife, Heather, serves as the Selections Coordinator and Kendall, Travis’ wife, will continue in her role as Director of Human Resources. This handoff ensures that the business remains family owned, operated and committed to providing superior products and service for all its clients.

“On my first day of work at Heirloom, Dad put a broom in my hand and said, ‘The shop needs to be swept.’ Ben recalled. “Then he walked away and I thought, what have I done? And he did the same thing to my brothers. But the longer we worked, the more we learned about every facet of the business. And that’s exactly what he had in mind.”

“‘Dad believed that you can’t effectively sell or run what you don’t know how to build yourself,’” said James Moseley. “So nothing was handed to us. And that goes for all three of us.

“That’s right. Each one of us had to earn our stripes the hard way!”  Added Travis Moseley with a smile.

Allyn Moseley is proud of the way his sons have handled their jobs and helped the company grow. “What my wife and I have been able to do is guide things in such a way as to let our sons know that it’s not about any one person,” he said, “It’s about the Heirloom brand and everything that we build here. So Sheree and I know we’re leaving the company in some very capable hands.” The Moseley’s plan to spend their retirement traveling, serving their church, and spending quality time with their eight grandkids.

About The Heirloom Companies

The Heirloom Companies was founded in 1994 and is the premier wood and metal works manufacturer in the eastern United States. It produces award-winning custom stairways, light fixtures and other architectural elements through a process blending old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. The Heirloom Companies is actually three companies in one— James Moseley Designs, Heirloom Stair and Iron, which focuses mostly on residential construction, producing interior and exterior staircases and railings, and Hand-Forged Design specializing in interior products like furniture, light fixtures, range hoods and fire screens.

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