From Vision to Reality: New York-Inspired Staircase

Every project has its own unique challenges, some more so than others. For a recently completed project in downtown Greenville, the challenges were a big part of what made the design so special and intricate. This project, a circular staircase, was to be crafted with structural steel, white oak stairs and cold, rolled steel balusters. The materials, design, and implementation of the staircase all required careful planning and extremely detailed organization. After nearly a year of hard work, the New York-Inspired Staircase was completed.

Each stage of the project led the staircase to what it is today. One of the first stages was the design phase. Because of the twists and turns involved with the staircase, the design plan was hard to visualize. The homeowners, and even Ben Moseley, Director of Operations for The Heirloom Companies, had trouble interpreting the concept. Our answer was to print a 3D model of what the staircase would look like after completion.

The staircase was to be installed in an older, renovated building where the top two floors were transformed into a residential penthouse. The obstacle that arose was actually getting the staircase into the client’s fourth floor penthouse. At this point, the staircase was already a large system of structural steel, so we needed to figure something out. The front door wasn’t going to work, so we came up with the creative solution to fly the staircase in through the fourth-floor window. Once the staircase was gently guided through the window by our team, it was bolted to the outside wall with structural steel. This allowed the staircase to hang, giving it a floating effect.

We could not have completed this project without the help of architect Tom Felton at Studio 511 or the team at Ineo Builders. The working relationship that Heirloom has with Ineo greatly impacted the success of the project, specifically the relationship with Michael Condon, its Project Manager. James Moseley said, “A project at this level could not have been carried out without Michael’s organization and Tom’s vision.”

Moseley also said, “This was a complicated job from start to finish, and some of the intricacies will most likely never be seen again.” Things had to come together perfectly, or they wouldn’t be coming together at all; there was no room for error in this design. Thankfully, due to the dedication and commitment of those involved with the project, the staircase turned out more beautiful than could ever have been imagined. Thank you to the craftsman at The Heirloom Companies for their dedication and hard work on this project!

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