Expanding the Heirloom Family

The Heirloom family has grown! Join us in welcoming four new team members. With a wide array of skills and professional know-how, we are ecstatic to be working with them all. Read a little bit more about our new hires below!

Jesse Bruen

Jesse grew up in Connecticut and moved to Tennessee to attend college at Sewanee, The University of the South. He has a background in video production, photography, CAD, 3D modeling and additive manufacturing (3D printing).  Jesse is artistic, innovative, organized and methodical. He uses these attributes at The Heirloom Companies, where he does a lot of prep work (welding and fabrication), video work, marketing, and digital arts. Jesse loves getting to be a part of creating work that is totally original and from scratch, which he believes is an American way of life that is not a pertinent any more.

Jessica DeLucca

Jessica was raised in Landrum, South Carolina and has always had a love for the Campobello area. She graduated from Landrum High School before going to Spartanburg Community College where she majored in Engineering Technologies and earned her CAD certificate. Jessica now has over 15 years of CAD drafting with purchasing materials experience. Engineering and design has always been a passion of hers and says the “beautiful, unique designs and wonderfully talented people who make them happen” are what drew her to the Heirloom Companies. While not at work, she is a mother of two boys, one girl and a Chihuahua!

Ben Taylor

Ben graduated from Greenville Tech and since has done architectural design work for over 25 years, working on large industrial projects, small residential, and small and large commercial projects. He spent a lot of time at large companies and designed houses for mid-level subdivision developments in Greenville. Ben has both a technical and an artistic mind, which explains his love for pencil drawing and design. He also likes challenges, puzzles, learning new things, and studying subjects that don’t apply to most people’s real lives. Ben loves the detail that everyone at The Heirloom Companies goes into, the reputation of the company, their focus on quality as well as the family atmosphere.

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