Epic adventure for Heirloom in the Great White North

It began with a simple Google search. A Canadian Architectural Design firm was searching for a premier metal works craftsman to design and create three exterior Juliet balconies for a custom home in Ottawa, Canada. It didn’t take them long to land on The Heirloom Companies site and conclude: “this is the company for us.”

What happened next was an unforeseen northern adventure that took Ben and James Moseley of The Heirloom Companies through inclement weather, flight delays, rental car chaos, and 24 hours with no sleep. Ben recounts the journey:

“It was a crazy trip. We had a narrow window of time to meet with the family in Canada due to their schedule. And getting there proved to be an adventure. The Philadelphia leg of the flight was cancelled due to bad weather. So in order to make our meeting on time we had to drive. But of course, all the small- to mid-size cars were rented so we had to rent a brand new Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition for $500 a day. It was the only option. We got the car—even gave a ride to a stranded businessman also headed to Ottawa—and then drove straight through the night in bad weather. We finally arrived in Canada for our meeting with one hour to spare.”

Designing to customer needs

Business as usual for the Moseleys means doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations. Whether that means driving through the night, or designing custom pieces that exist only in the customer’s imagination. “Every client we have is unique,” says Ben. “That sounds like a cliché but it’s true. None of them want exactly the same thing. They always add a twist or slight variation. For the Canada project, the family was very specific about both the designs and the materials they wanted: it included three outdoor balconies and an ornate set of driveway gates that reflect the floral arrangements in their garden. And everything had to be made out of forged aluminum in order to withstand the harsh Canada winters. Then it had to be powder-coated black and with oil-rubbed base highlights.”

Going the extra mile

At the end of the day, it’s service and attention to detail that set The Heirloom Companies apart. Sure they have the finest artisans around—with regard to both wood and metal works. Yes they have award after award that recognizes their creativity and skill. But what truly sets them apart is giving their clients—large, medium and small—exactly what they want, and then some. “James sits down with each client one-on-one to find out what they’re looking for and then determines the best solution,” says Ben. “Take this Ottawa project. He sketched out the designs during our initial meeting in Canada and we made sure they were happy with the direction before we headed back home. Luckily it was easier to get back home than it was to get up there. But seriously, our primary goal is to do whatever it takes to get it right. That’s what our customers expect, after all.”

View James’s Gate Sketch

View Our Juliet Balcony Drawings

View Our Gate Drawings

If you would be interested in discussing wood and metal works ideas for your home, contact Ben Moseley at ben@theheirloomcompanies.com

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