Creative Overdrive: Forging a Vision

Some projects have no precedent.  Such was the case with SEW-EURODRIVE, a German manufacturing company that engineers geared motors, frequency inverters, and other advanced materials for the automotive industry.  They have global reach, with a major United States facility located in Lyman, South Carolina.

When they came to us to create a sculpture for their Lyman headquarters, they didn’t have a clearly defined concept of what they envisioned.  They simply wanted something progressive and captivating.  ”This was a truly unique project,” says James Moseley.  ”People look at these abstract metal sculptures today and ask, ‘did they actually describe this design to you?’”

The answer is of course, no.  The design is so unique and abstract that it would have been impossible to convey this image at the beginning of the project – it had to be created in James’s head.  ”SEW-EURODRIVE didn’t give me a specific concept,” says James, “but they were looking for something sleek and artistic , that symbolized strength and vision for the future.  I remember showing them the original sketches, having no idea what they would think.  Luckily, they liked the direction and were excited to move forward with design.”

This is one thing that makes The Heirloom Companies unique: our ability to concept and create unique ideas for customers who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for.  ”The first thing I do with any customer is listen.  I want to hear what their specific goal or expectation is,” says James.  ”I want to know how the piece will be used.  And what it should communicate.  If they don’t have a clear concept, then it is my job to interpret their vision and come up with the right design solution.”

In the case of SEW-EURODRIVE, that process worked to perfection.  ”We are extremely happy – and glad that we have such a good working relationship with Heirloom’s talented team,” says Rainer Blickle.  ”From what started as an abstract concept, they came up with an incredibly artistic design.”

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