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As Seen in At Home

Since winter has only just begun (yes, really), there’s still plenty of time to cozy up by a nice roaring fire. Our friends at At Home magazine recently spotlighted some of the pieces we are creating for home fireplaces. It was an exciting opportunity, and we appreciated the chance to share what our team is [...]

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All in the Family: Interview with South Carolina CEO

In November, our Operations Manager, Ben, had an opportunity to sit down with South Carolina CEO for an intimate look at success of The Heirloom Companies as a second-generation family business. It’s a great behind-the-scenes look at the company, and is an article we are proud to see in print. Check it out here, and [...]

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A Conversation with Ben

Today UpstateBizSC shared a feature video of Ben Moseley. In it, Ben takes the time to share his thoughts on The Heirloom Companies then, now and in the future. Click here to watch the video now!

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